Andrew Bracken &*
Digital media artist and producer making films, video games, software, sound, music, & whatever else strikes my fancy. Selected as a fellow of the San Diego Foundation’s Creative Catalyst Fellowship. Interested in pushing boundaries into new forms of media making.

(Some of) My Life's Work

The 2 Eyes, the Nose, and the Mouth
Preview of upcoming audio documentary piece that's an artistic call to arms.
Band Name Project
Instagram-based documentary project about the story behind band names.
No Moment is More Important than Any Other
Performance featuring percussion and documentary audio recordings.
Facing North
Documentary short exploring people's opinions about the closeness of neighboring cities San Diego & Tijuana.
Life Before
A few instrumental tracks recorded on a hot summer day in Greenpoint with Chris Curtis.
18 Bakers
Documentary web series examining the multi-dimensional relationship of the border cities of San Diego & Tijuana. Being distributed by Latino Public Broadcasting.
AB Squared Creative Group
A little something we've been cooking up.
Kill Strain
Free to play game on PS4.
Chicano Federation of San Diego
Video created to celebrate the 45 year anniversary of the Chicano Federation of San Diego.
No Know (sound band)
Looking for the meaning of life through improvised music created with Sean Francis Conway.
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Customizable kart racing game made for PS3.
To the Other Side
Documentary short about an American who deserted the U.S. army and settled in East Germany during the height of the cold war.
Personal documentary sound piece made from voice mail messages and original sound effects recordings. Appeared on sound art compilation alecricity 3.

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